Minor in Environmental Systems and Society

To enter the minor, students must be in good academic standing (minimum 2.0 grade-point average) and file a petition at the Institute of the Environment and Sustainability SAO office (Life Science 2308). It usually takes only a few minutes, and officially enrolling in the minor provides first-pass enrollment for all upper-division courses in the minor.

Students will need to be able to complete the minor in addition to the other elements of their program (major, other minors) within their normal time-to-degree (12 regular academic quarters) and/or within their unit maximum (216 units + AP units). If that is not the case, students will have to file a petition with the college for approval prior to being admitted to the minor. The IoES SAO can help determine whether this will be necessary; students should make an appointment with the IoES SAO prior to filing any petitions with the College.

Additionally, students enrolled in any School outside of the College of Letters and Science must consult with their School counselor prior to enrolling in the minor.


Make appointments to see the IoES undergraduate counselor ONLINE! Simply click the link below and choose an open appointment slot. Be sure to enter your name and email, so you can be contacted in case the appointment needs to be changed for some unforeseen reason. Otherwise, just set your appointment and make sure to show up at LS 2308 at the time you chose. To cancel an appointment, send an email to rdieckmann@ioes.ucla.edu

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