alison partie

Alison Partie

Institute of the Environment and Sustainability

Managing L’Oréal’s water, waste and climate efforts through market-based solutions

Alison is currently conducting her residency at L’Oréal USA in New York City where she helps to manage the water, waste and climate change efforts and programs within the company.  She is interested in the role that market-based solutions will play in the world’s transition to clean energy and responsible waste management, and how specific climate positive investments benefit a company’s triple bottom line.

While on campus, Alison worked on an interdisciplinary research team tasked with explicating the major barriers and drivers to solar panel adoption among Los Angeles County homeowners. Before entering the Environmental Science and Engineering program, Alison worked for an environmental consulting company that helped municipalities manage and implement programs to comply with the Clean Water Act. Previous to this, she got her Master’s in Public Health from the UCLA Fielding School of Public Health. With a focus on environmental health and policy, Alison completed an internship at The White House Council on Environmental Quality in 2013. Alison holds a Bachelor of Science in Physiology with a Minor in Chemistry from Seattle Pacific University.

With her pre-medical and environmental health background, Alison views environmental problems through the lens of health. Alison’s main motivation and passion for contributing to the work that tackles some of the earth’s most significant environmental issues is improving health and protecting people and the planet.