water resiliency: 2016-2017 focus
A close view of a watery vortex. Very high resolution 3D render.

Research Project | 2016

Water Resiliency: 2016-2017 Focus

Starting in 2016, a new model will be used for the Corporate Partners Program. Each year the membership will select a topic within the field of corporate sustainability to focus on. Programming throughout the academic year will center around this topic and will include at a minimum:

  • two symposiums featuring UCLA researchers and experts from the business world
  • series of white papers researched and written by UCLA students, staff and faculty investigating salient questions within this topic raised by the membership

For the 2016-2017 academic year, the topic is water resiliency in corporate operations and planning. A kickoff symposium introducing the topic was held January 18, 2017. A summary of the discussion is available.

Out of this event, members provided input to select topics that students are researching and writing green papers on. The topics and students teams are described in greater detail below. Complete versions of the green papers will be available for members.

2016-2017 Student Research Topics

1. Technologies for Improving Water Resilience in Office Buildings

Students: Sonali Abraham (D.Env ’20), Kayla Patel (biology BS’17), & Jordan Coe (environmental science BS’18)

On-campus advisor: Katie Mika

2. A Primer for California Water Policy Impacting Business

Students: Lindsey Perry (Material Science and Engineering MS’17 & LiSC) & Tiffany Wu (environmental science BS’17)

On-campus advisor: Madelyn Glickfeld

3. The Economics of Water: Financing Strategies for Greater Water Resilience

Students: David Poli (MBA’18 & LiSC), Ali Partie (D.Env ’20), & Jennifer Um (environmental science BS’17)

On-campus advisor: JR DeShazo

4. Techniques to Influence Corporate Water Behavior

Students: Teni Adewumi (Environmental Health Sciences PhD’18 & LiSC) & Manali McCarthy (environmental science BS’18)

On-campus advisor: Magali Delmas