gary bucciarelli

Gary Bucciarelli

Lassen Field Station Director

UC Davis

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2015, Ph.D, University of California, Los Angeles
2002, BA Interdisciplinary Cultural Studies, Antioch College, Yellow Springs, OH


Gary is broadly interested in stream ecology, conservation genomics, the evolution of chemical defenses, and ecological processes occurring at the urban-wildlife interface. His current research investigates 1) the evolution and ecology of the neurotoxin tetrodotoxin newts, (genus Taricha) throughout California, 2) a collaborative research effort between the UCLA/La Kretz Center for California Conservation Science and the National Park Service to develop a broad conservation management plan for amphibians of Los Angeles, and 3) a detailed landscape genomic interrogation of the stream-breeding amphibians of the Santa Monica Mountains. Before moving to UC Davis, Gary was an Adjunct Assistant Professor for EEB, and Director of Research for Stunt Ranch.



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UCLA La Kretz 2021 Annual Lecture

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U.S. National Park Service

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Recent Publications

Invasive annuals respond more negatively to drought than native species

Justin M. Valliere, Evelin B. Escobedo, Gary M. Bucciarelli, M. Rasoul Sharifi and Philip W. Rundel

Published Work | 2019 | New Phytologist

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Noxious newts and their natural enemies: Experimental effects of tetrodotoxin exposure on trematode parasites and aquatic macroinvertebrates

Calhoun, D.M., Bucciarelli, G.M., Kats, L.B, Zimmer, R.K., & Johnson, P.T.J.

Published Work | 2017 | Toxicon. 137: 120-127

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