gavin mccormick

Gavin McCormick

Co-Founder/Executive Director



Nominated by Amy Hunter

Gavin McCormick developed Automated Emissions Reduction technology, which gives people and companies the ability to choose cleaner energy. The technology uses real time data on power plants and electricity demand to time consumption to avoid times when usage would use dirtier sources of energy like coal. With WattTime, he is developing methodology with the Verified Carbon Standard to quantify carbon saving technologies. Gavin also promotes opportunities to slash greenhouse emissions by 4 billion tons per year by helping institutions site renewable energy projects where they will displace the dirtiest fossil fuel power pants. Gavin is pursuing a Ph.D. in energy and behavioral economics from University of California – Berkeley, where he got his master’s degree in resource economics. He also holds a bachelor’s degree in economics from Williams College. He was named a Grist 50 “Fixer” for environmental innovation, and has finished in first place or as a finalist at numerous hackathons.