kevin njabo

Kevin Njabo

Africa Director and Assistant Adjunct Professor

Center for Tropical Research

(310) 267-5132

UCLA Institute of the Environment and Sustainability
La Kretz Hall, Suite 300
Box 951456
Los Angeles, CA 90095-1496


Research Interests

My main objective as a conservation biologist is to work for more sustainable and equitable global development. While environmental change and extinction of species are natural processes, human activities are also threatening all things wild, both plants and animals. We are the only species capable of consciously modifying our behavior and environment. As caretakers of the planet, it is our responsibility to respect and manage the Earth’s natural resources, including human population itself. My research investigates the influence of mosquito vectors on the evolution and ecology of avian malaria parasites and attempts to show that human-induced habitat alteration could impact on feeding preferences of these vector mosquitoes. This research is both extremely important and timely, not only in terms of these vector species, but also in the wider context for the number one killer disease of the African continent. This research is expected to highlight the critical role of biodiversity and host community ecology in the transmission of vector-borne zoonotic diseases that in turn has important consequences for human health.


sustainable ebony production in the congo basin

Sustainable ebony production in the Congo Basin

Rainforests have long been recognized for their importance to the entire planet. They absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen, something all animals need to survive. They are also home to some of the most biodiverse ecosystems on the planet, boasting a vast array of plants and animals, many of which are still undiscovered by humans....

congo basin institute

Congo Basin Institute

As UCLA's first foreign affiliate, the Congo Basin Institute in Cameroon provides a vital space for training and scientific research in Africa.

developing a model for sustainable ebony production and logging in cameroon

Developing a model for sustainable ebony production and logging in Cameroon

Our Team We are the UCLA Undergraduate Research Team for Sustainable Ebony Production in Cameroon, a team within the Senior Practicum for Environmental Science majors in the Institute of Environment & Sustainability (IoES). The senior practicum program allows us to apply our knowledge of environmental science in a more specific setting for a real-world client. As seniors at UCLA’s Institute...

avian malaria

Avian Malaria

Malaria parasites use vertebrate hosts for the asexual stages of their life cycle and Dipteran vectors for both the sexual and asexual development, but the literature on avian malaria parasites remains biased towards bird-parasite associations. Our work samples vectors/birds to provide information about status of infection of both host and vector.


Convergent evolution of sunbird pollination systems of Impatiens species in tropical Africa and hummingbird systems of the New World

Janeček, S.; Bartoš, M.; Njabo, K. Y.

Published Work | 2015 | Biological Journal of the Linnaean Society 115(1), 127–133

Avian influenza surveillance in Central and West Africa, 2010-2014

Fuller, T. L.; Ducatez, M. F.; Njabo, K. Y.; Couancy-Hymann, E.; Chasar, T.; Aplogan, G. L.; Lao, S.; Awoume, F.; Tehou, A.; Langeois, Q.; Krauss, S.; Smith, T. B.

Published Work | 2014 | Epidemiology and Infection 143(10), 2205-2212

Spillover of pH1N1 to swine in Cameroon: an investigation of risk factors

Larison, B.; Njabo, K. Y.; Chasar, A. C.; Fuller, T.; Harrigan, R.; Smith, T. B.

Published Work | 2014 | BMC Veterinary Research 10(55)

Putative human and avian risk factors for avian influenza virus infections in backyard poultry in Egypt

Sheta, B. M.; Fuller, T.; Larison, B.; Njabo, K. Y.; Ahmed, A. S.; Chasar, A.; Aziz, S. A.; Khidr, A. A.; Elbokl, M. M.; Habbak, L. Z.; Smith, T. B.

Published Work | 2014 | Veterinary Microbiology 168(1), 208–213

Predicting hotspots for influenza virus reassortment

Fuller, T. L.; Gilbert, M.; Martin, V.; Cappelle, J.; Hosseini, P.; Njabo, K. Y.; Aziz, S. A.; Xiao, X.; Peter, D.; Smith, T. B.

Published Work | 2013 | Emerging Infectious Diseases 19(4), 581–588

Feeding habits of culicine mosquitos in the Cameroon lowland forests based on stable isotopes and blood meal analyses

Njabo, K. Y.; Smith, T. B.; Yohannes, E.

Published Work | 2013 | Journal of Parasitology and Vector Biology 5, 6–12

Pandemic A/H1N1/2009 influenza virus in Swine, Cameroon, 2010

Njabo, K. Y.; Fuller, T. L.; Chasar, A.; Pollinger, J. P.; Cattoli, G.; Terregino, C.; Monne, I.; Reynes, J.; Njouom, R.; Smith, T. B.

Published Work | 2012 | Veterinary Microbiology 156, 189–192

Nonspecific patterns of vector, host and avian malaria parasite associations in a Central African rainforest

Njabo, K. Y.; Cornel, A. J.; Bonneaud, C.; Toffelmier, E.; Sehgal, R. N.; Valkiunas, G.; Russell, A. F.; Smith, T. B.

Published Work | 2010 | Molecular Ecology 20(5), 1049–1061

Coquillettidia (Culicidae, Diptera) mosquitoes as new natural vectors of avian malaria in Africa

Njabo, K. Y.; Cornel, A. J.; Sehgal, R. N.; Loiseau, C.; Buermann, W.; Harrigan, R. J.; Pollinger, J.; Valkiūnas, G.; Smith, T. B.

Published Work | 2009 | Malaria Journal 8