los angeles is a metropolitan den for mountain lions

Seth Riley

Wildlife Branch Chief; Adjunct Associate Professor

U.S. National Parks Service; Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology



Wildlife post-Woolsey Fire Recovery and Recolonization

Awardee: Chloe Nouzille, M.S. student at UCLA, co-advised by Dr. Dan Blumstein and Dr. Seth Riley. Chloe is pursuing a research-based career studying social learning behavior to increase reintroduction success and conserve endangered species.

u.s. national park service

U.S. National Park Service

The National Park Service (NPS) manages the most pristine, biologically intact parklands in the country, making it one of the La Kretz Center’s key partners. Surrounded by Los Angeles and…

Recent Publications

Pathogenic Leptospira are widespread in the urban wildlife of southern California

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Published Work | 2023 | Scientific Reports