Bruin Naturalists Club

The Bruin Naturalists Club is a student organization at UCLA dedicated to getting people outside to learn about and interact with nature. We organize hikes, camping trips, and outreach events to increase our members’ exposure to the natural world. For more information, contact Erin Toffelmier at

Coupling Community Knowledge with Big Data Tools to Facilitate Equitable Energy Transitions

Building on work conducted under a California Energy Commission grant, data on building energy use, rooftop solar potential, grid capacity, and socio-demographics will be integrated to assess the potential for low income and disadvantaged communities in Los Angeles county to support climate smart transitions, including vehicle electrification, solar generation (rooftop or community-scale), storage, and appliance...

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Designing a Toolkit to Support Sustainable Small Island Economies

Balancing the needs of multiple stakeholders when making decisions about marine resources is challenging. A toolkit that is specific to the challenges small islands face -economically, socially, and environmentally- is needed. Such toolkits are key for sustainable development, including building resiliency among island nations that face unique challenges compared to mainland countries. We are developing...