environmental dna as a tool for assessing microbial diversity & ecological impacts by contaminants at the bowtie parcel brownfield site in southern california

Environmental DNA as a tool for assessing microbial diversity & ecological impacts by contaminants at The Bowtie parcel Brownfield site in Southern California

Awardee: Maura Palacios, Postdoctoral Scholar in the Wayne Lab. Maura's projects use eDNA to assess species assemblages in the Mojave Desert Springs, a threatened ecosystem and to explore microbial community changes in relation to hazardous materials at Brownfield sites throughout Southern California, for potential bioremediation practices.

solving the restaurant waste problem

Solving the restaurant waste problem

Despite the increasing awareness of the need for sustainability, the majority of the restaurant industry has yet to make significant changes to its methods of operation and resource utilization.  Its…

submarine exploration & analysis of seagrass

Submarine exploration & analysis of seagrass

Visit our Project Website – Stronger Shorelines: an Interactive Database for Marine Vegetation Restoration Marine vegetation provides a number of valuable ecosystem services, including preventing shoreline erosion, providing habitat and…

the future of extreme precipitation in california

The Future of Extreme Precipitation in California

Our researchers are investigating the effects of climate change on heavy precipitation events in the state. Specifically, we're focusing on atmospheric rivers, moisture-laden filaments of air that move across oceans and produce heavy precipitation when they make landfall. Understanding how atmospheric rivers are affected in a changing climate is key to smart water planning in the future.

water sprinkler

Water Management Conservation and Planning

In light of recent droughts, California is exploring ways of using water more wisely, eliminating water waste and strengthening local drought resilience. CCSC is working as part of a multi-institutional…