LENS has launched a major collaboration with KCET, Southern California’s independent public TV and digital media company. The project provides a public platform for LENS members’ research on environmental narrative and culture and for the innovative work of UCLA Film and Television faculty and students. Working with KCET producers and editors, we are developing immersive stories that bring new voices and new ideas into environmental reporting and that bring our faculty and students into conversation with diverse audiences. In our pilot year (2017-2018), the project is focusing on California as a living lab for exploring the histories and horizons of urban planning, urban biodiversity, sustainable food and water, green technology, environmental equity, and multispecies justice.

Our UCLA team represents Anthropology; English; Environmental Science; Geography; and the School of Theater, Film and Television.

LENS-KCET Environmental Storylines for 2017-2018

  • Reimagining Taylor Yard and the LA River
    Jon Christensen, lead faculty member
  • Multispecies City
    Ursula K. Heise, lead faculty member
  • Futures of Food
    Allison Carruth, lead faculty member
  • Wetlands and Cultures of Water
    Jessica Cattelino, lead faculty member