Sustainability Action Research

Get Involved

Sustainability Action Research team member and team leader applications are posted during Fall Quarter!

Applications for SAR 2018/2019 will be open from November 5th to November 18th. Links to the application will be made available on the SAR Home page as well as the SAR Facebook page.

Applicants will be notified of their application status at end of fall quarter. Projects then begin during winter quarter and continue through spring quarter. 

Want to learn more about sustainability during fall quarter? Environment 185A- Sustainability Talks is one unit class offered in the fall in which guests lecturers discuss their work in the field of sustainability. 185A is not required to enroll in SAR (185B/C). 


For SAR student and stakeholder inquiries, contact the program directors: Shannon Cavanaugh, or Elias Platte-Bermeo, .

For Communications, Media, and Press: contact the communications director: Chloe Ney,

For funding and donation inquiries, contact Cully Nordby,