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Community Garden Glory

A SAR creative writing assignment on the story of your project in 10 years (Winter 2020)   Community Garden Glory  “What’s that?” Rosemary turns to her friend, Dill an, pointing at…

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Food Justice and Basic Needs Blog Post: May 17, 2019

Recognizing and Celebrating a Year of Progress By: Alicia Kwan, Diana Ngyuen, Maninder Kaur, Jasmine Summers- Evans, Rosemary Wallace, Melinda McMonigle, and Fiona Zhang. As the end of spring quarter and our SAR…

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Green Games Blog Post: May 17, 2019

  Contemplating Final Sustainability Templates By: Zachary Alter, Jacob Gerigk, Sarina Levin, Jonah Eisen, Amber Lam, and Kate Minden.      The Green Games Team has been hard at work…

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Sustainable Purchasing Blog Post: May 17, 2019

  Diving Deeper and Communicating Clearly By: Ryan Hallman, Stephanie Hauschildt, Gabriel Hernandez, Corbin Kehrberg, Ayahna Mack, & Monica Portillo.   Currently, the Sustainable Purchasing team is diving deeper into…