sustainability action research

Sustainability Action Research


A UCLA student-initiated, student-led organization exemplifying sustainability in the 21st century. 

Sustainability Action Research (SAR) is a student-initiated, student-designed, and student-facilitated research program offered through the Institute of the Environment & Sustainability (IoES). In the winter and spring quarters of each academic year, students on Sustainability Action Research Teams are partnered with a campus stakeholder to research, rethink, investigate, and tackle UCLA’s greatest sustainability issues.

Become a leader and make a difference.

Sustainability Action Research students have the opportunity to:

  • Design sustainability projects and implement actionable solutions on campus.
  • Work towards sustainability goals for UCLA.
  • Establish unique relationships with UCLA faculty, staff, and fellow students who are passionate about human and environmental challenges.
  • Develop leadership skills in an applied and professional setting.

Action Research was the perfect opportunity for me to apply everything that I learned in the classroom to a real life context. Just like in my work today, I needed to hone my communication skills and creativity to find solutions for my stakeholder.
Kyle Graycar