Water Deeply: What Lake Mead’s Record Low Means for California

For Glen MacDonald, the John Muir memorial chair in geography and former director of the Institute of the Environment and Sustainability at the University of California, Los Angeles, the May pronouncement was “the line in the sand.”



LA’s Water Resource Future Workshop Series

New research shows that reusing waste water comes with net health benefits.

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50 Shades of Graywater: Recycling Graywater Worth the Effort, Says New UCLA Study

By Tetra Balestri, Student Contributor Most Los Angeles households have bins and services for recycling their paper, plastic and even their yard waste. But in this time of extreme drought in California — why aren’t we talking more about recycling water? Not only would it save water, but money too, according to a new study...



Towards Food, Energy and Water Security in California

A free three-day workshop running from Dec 2-4 at UCLA examines Food-Energy-Water Security in California under Changing Conditions: the Nexus Perspective. Join top researchers and policymakers in agriculture, energy, water, climate change, economics and public policy at UCLA as we address the major threats to and potential solutions for California’s food, energy and water systems. ...



Can We Engineer Our Way Out of the Drought?

A UCLA-Zócalo panel agrees technology is there to quench state's thirst



The hard work of sustainable groundwater management

By Dr. Erik Porse, CCSC Postdoctoral researcher This article was originally published on the California Water Blog Under California’s new groundwater law, local agencies must adopt long-term plans for sustainably managing basins subject to critical overdraft. Preparing these plans will be challenging, requiring collaboration and compromise among water users accustomed to pumping as they please. Local...