LA Water Hub

The Water Hub is a dynamic visualization and mapping platform (; an online data repository for viewing and finding water-related information in Los Angeles County.

Drought Information

California was in drought from 2006-2009, and now California has been in drought again for three years, from 2011 to 2014. This is really a six year drought separated by one year of rain. The situation is extremely serious and so this website provides updates on the status of the drought, analysis of the conditions...

EPA Urban Waters Project

A Neighborhood-Scale Assessment of Industrial Sources of Stormwater Pollution to Compton Creek Watershed

Health and Water Conservation Policy: How can California’s water community consider human health while protecting against California’s drought?

Part of an occasional series about the work of UCLA water experts. by Sharona Sokolow California’s current drought is a major crisis. After three years of below average precipitation, over 80% of California is in a state of exceptional or extreme drought. Compounded by unpredictable future weather patterns, melting snowpack, and aging infrastructure for water storage...

Sustainable Water Research Projects at the Luskin Center for Innovation

UCLA’s Luskin Center for Innovation hosts a Sustainable Water Systems Initiative program to improve science-based decision-making for managing the state’s precious water resources. Focusing largely on water supply reliability issues under conditions of a changing climate, the collaboration between UCLA researchers and the local, regional, and state water communities aims to bring academic research to...


Pilot-testing of electrolysis for bromide removal from drinking water

Kimbrough, David Eugene, Lina Boulos, Sirikarn Surawanvijit, Adam Zacheis, Yoram Cohen

Published Work | 2016 | American Water Works Association

Evaluation of chemically-enhanced seeded precipitation of RO concentrate for high recovery desalting of high salinity brackish water

Brian McCool, Anditya Rahardianto, Jose Faria, Yoram Cohen

Published Work | 2016 | Desalination

Critical Review: Regulatory Incentives and Impediments for onsite Graywater Reuse in the United States

Zita Yu, Anditya Rahardianto, J.R. DeShazo, Michael Stenstrom, and Yoram Cohen

Published Work | 2016 |

A review of water treatment membrane nanotechnologies

MaryTheresa Pendergast, Eric M. V. Hoek

Published Work | 2016 | Energy and Environemntal Science

A Tale of Two Spills: Novel Science and Policy Implications of an Emerging New Oil Spill Model

Charles H. Peterson, Sean S. Anderson, Gary N. Cherr, Richard Ambrose, Shelly Anghera, Steven Bay, Michael Blum, Robert Condon, Thomas A. Dean, Monty Graham

Published Work | 2016 | Bioscience

Pumping for the masses: evolution of groundwater management in metropolitan Los Angeles

Porse, E., Glickfeld, M., Mertan, K. et al.

Published Work | 2016