energy policy panel
Lecture Series

Energy Policy Panel

Hosted by Renewable Energy Association at UCLA


The panel will be moderated by UCLA’s Chief Sustainability Officer, who is modernizing the university’s energy infrastructure to be more environmentally sustainable, and will feature experts in California state policy and renewable energy technologies. Students from all years and majors are welcome to come learn about how developments in renewable energy technologies are affecting public...

Special Event

Environmental Science Practicum 2016-2017 Final Presentations

Honoring student work on real world environmental issues.


The Practicum partners undergraduate students with businesses, government agencies, and nonprofit organizations to conceive and deliver science-based solutions to challenging environmental problems in Southern California and beyond. The Institute of the Environment and Sustainability cordially invites you to join us in supporting the incredible work of our students and the lasting effect their research can have...

Special Event

2017 IoES Gala – Innovators for a Healthy Planet

An event honoring Paul G. Allen and Toyota


Every year, we honor environmental game-changers at the UCLA IoES Gala. Paul G. Allen races the extinction of elephants and flips common paradigms for ocean and climate health. Toyota leads sustainable transportation and reinvents eco-mobility with vehicles like the Prius and Mirai. These 2017 Gala honorees prove that sustainable innovation can surmount the greatest threats of our time.



UCLA College Luskin Endowment Inaugural Symposium


From public policy to installation art, EARTH NOW: EARTH 2050 explores all facets of modern environmental challenges and highlights efforts to make lives and businesses more sustainable. The program includes talks from top experts, workshops, local and national nonprofit organizations, art, a student film contest—and much more. We will highlight UCLA campus-wide sustainability while showcasing the new Luskin Conference Center and honoring the generosity of Meyer and Renee Luskin.


Young climate heroes on display at summit

By Amanda Wagner The biggest news from last week’s Global Climate Action Summit came from Governor Jerry Brown, who signed Senate Bill 100, committing the state to 100 percent clean energy by 2045. By that time, the 80-year-old Brown’s generation will no longer be in charge. People who are now in their 20s and 30s...

Level up for the environment with a graduate degree from UCLA Institute of the Environment and Sustainability

The effects of climate change are ramping up. Jobs are booming in green business. And the world’s cities keep growing, while human needs place an increasing strain on natural systems. Now more than ever, the world needs well-educated experts to take on environmental challenges using a variety of approaches and tools. You can get those...

As ‘Epic Winds’ Drive California Fires, Climate Change Fuels the Risk

Inside Climate News asked Daniel Swain about the climate connection to the Southern Californian wildfires. “There’s a clear climate signal in these fires because of the drought conditions connected to climate change.”

UCLA students study acidification of kelp in Santa Monica Bay

The Daily Bruin takes a look at a student practicum team researching how kelp forests might provide a buffer against harmful impacts of ocean acidification.

​The Eco-Educator: Dennis Mabasa, Environmental Science, 2012

'If I Can Make Half My Students Declare Environmental Science I've Done My Job.'

Counting the cost of climate change: It’s all about numbers for UCLA teaching fellowship winners

by Karen A. Lefkowitz Professors Kathryn Bickel Goldman and Debra Shier are practiced adding machines. Goldman calculates greenhouse gas emissions and Shier tallies wildlife populations. Both can add a new designation to their columns as recipients of the 2016 Pritzker Environment and Sustainability Education Fellowship that recognizes instructors for their contributions to academic programs. Carbon...

​Designing Life to Address Environmental Challenges

Alumni Profile: Natalie Ma, B.S., 2010 and Yale University, Biological and Biomedical Sciences doctoral program

Alumni Profile: Bianca Shulaker, class of 2010

’The Intersection Between Urban Systems, Green living & Public Health Fascinates Me’

The Toxic Truth

How much pollution is coming from that factory near you? You have the right to know and UCLA students have made a website to help you find out.

Suiting up to protect the planet

IoES introduces a new undergraduate course for spring quarter with a focus on entrepreneurship and finance

Suburbanites Accidentally Go Green

By Tetra Balestri, Student Contributor

Proposition 1, the California Water Bond: Is it the Answer to California’s Water Crisis?

On November 4th, Californians will have the chance to vote on a statewide water bond intended to provide funds for investment in water infrastructure and technology, improvement of water quality and storage, and protection of water resources and environments. For some this is a long-awaited opportunity -- the bond has been delayed, altered, and reconfigured since its original conception in 2009.