Alumni Profile: Bianca Shulaker, class of 2010

’The Intersection Between Urban Systems, Green living & Public Health Fascinates Me’

The Toxic Truth

How much pollution is coming from that factory near you? You have the right to know and UCLA students have made a website to help you find out.

Suiting up to protect the planet

IoES introduces a new undergraduate course for spring quarter with a focus on entrepreneurship and finance

Suburbanites Accidentally Go Green

By Tetra Balestri, Student Contributor

Proposition 1, the California Water Bond: Is it the Answer to California’s Water Crisis?

On November 4th, Californians will have the chance to vote on a statewide water bond intended to provide funds for investment in water infrastructure and technology, improvement of water quality and storage, and protection of water resources and environments. For some this is a long-awaited opportunity -- the bond has been delayed, altered, and reconfigured since its original conception in 2009.

Welcoming Wildlife to the Neighborhood

Environmental science student study informs efforts to transform outdoor spaces into native plant-based, chemical free, nature-friendly habitats

More than hiking and campfires at UCLA camp

A summer camp run by UCLA students offers unprivileged 10- to 18-year-olds from L.A. a chance to see the outdoors and learn about college

There’s no place like home

As space agencies contemplate mankind’s next great leap – a human mission to Mars – we’re reminded there is only one planet in the solar system known so far that can…

Is that factory near you spewing toxins? UCLA students create website to tell you

By Rebecca Kendall Originally posted in UCLA Newsroom A team of seven UCLA environmental science students has created a website that shows how emissions from local factories are impacting air…

3 days after rain, beach water can still make swimmers ill, study says

The Los Angeles Times highlighted research by IoES undergraduates and environmental group Heal the Bay.

Environmental science students participate in Eco Inventor Showcase

Education for Sustainable Leadership Program Action Research Team members Emily Anderson and Joanna Wheaton presented their water conservation plan at the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California’s Spring Green Expo.

IoES awards first Glickfeld Family Scholarship

Environmental Science major Nancy Tu is the new scholarship recipient.