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Conserving biodiversity through genomics: The California Conservation Genomics Project

Brad Shaffer, La Kretz Center director, was the keynote speaker for the conservation section of the 4th Genomes of Animals & Plants Virtual Conference (GAP22.2), hosted by Cantana Bio (formerly…



Alan Barreca in UCLA Newsroom: Low-income households more likely to have power disconnected after hot summers

Low-income homes in California are more likely to have their power disconnected about two to three months after days when the temperature exceeds 95 degrees Fahrenheit than they are at…

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Daniel Swain in Scientific American: Diseases Explode after Extreme Flooding and Other Climate Disasters

“The old aphorism that ‘when it rains, it pours’ is literally true in this context. It actually encapsulates a lot of the complexity that’s here,” Swain says. This is something…

study forecasts a severe climate future for california


Rachel Blakey in LA Times: Mountain lions face greater risk of becoming roadkill in wildfire’s aftermath

In a paper published in the journal Current Biology, UCLA researchers found that the 2018 Woolsey fire had greatly increased the odds of a mountain lion being struck fatally by a motorist or killed by a fellow panther in a territorial dispute.

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Rachel Blakey in New Scientist: Mountain lions outside Los Angeles take more risks after wildfire

In the 15 months after the Woolsey fire in Los Angeles, mountain lions were more likely to cross busy roads, travel further and move around during the day, putting the already vulnerable group of cats at increased risk



Rachel Blakey in Smithsonian Magazine: L.A.’s cougars were driven to extremes by wildfire

With less suitable habitat, the big cats traveled further and crossed dangerous roads more often



Rachel Blakey in UCLA Newsroom: Wildfires drive L.A.’s mountain lions to take deadly risks

When the Woolsey Fire roared through the Santa Monica Mountains in the fall of 2018, it torched half of the available habitat for the area’s mountain lions — a population…


Kirsten Schwarz chosen as NSF program director for environmental biology

Kirsten Schwarz, an associate professor at the UCLA Fielding School of Public Health, has been named a program director of the National Science Foundation’s Division of Environmental Biology. In the new…

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Travis Longcore Awarded Galileo Award from International Dark-Sky Association

Please join us in congratulating Travis Longcore on receiving the Galileo Award from the International Dark-Sky Association! This award is given to those who have made outstanding contributions to research…

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Brad Shaffer in The Scientist: Severe Drought, Heat Upended Research This Summer

Recent heatwaves and drought have taken a serious toll on fieldwork, scientists say. Brad Shaffer, an ecologist and evolutionary biologist at UCLA, had an extraordinarily difficult time researching the feeding…

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Greg Pierce in The Los Angeles Times: Los Angeles is running out of water, and time. Are leaders willing to act?

Gregory Pierce, co-director of the Luskin Center for Innovation at UCLA, said Los Angeles is “somewhat of a leader” when it comes to water recycling, and that Hyperion may be…

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