Stories for a Changing Planet

The Laboratory for Environmental Narrative Strategies (LENS) is an incubator for new research and collaboration on storytelling, communications, and media in the service of environmental conservation and equity. We are a diverse network of faculty and students from across disciplines who explore how today’s environmental challenges connect to longer histories of imagining the natural world. At LENS, we begin with the idea that these challenges are as much cultural and political as they are scientific and technological.

What We Do

  • Investigate environmental stories across cultures and contexts
  • Research the impact of environmental media and communications
  • Teach multimedia storytelling
  • Mentor  diverse future sustainability leaders
  • Create new narratives for environmental science, policy, and advocacy
  • Collaborate with nonprofits, artists, communities, and companies to create strategic environmental communication campaigns
  • LENS Magazine

Support LENS

To help support LENS, contact Colin O’Brien-Lux: 

LENS thanks our founding donors for their generous support that made the public debut of LENS in 2016 possible: Susan and Dan Gottlieb, Marcia H. Howard, and Hollis Lenderking.

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Media Inquiries

For media inquiries and interview requests, contact David Colgan, the IoES Director of Communications:

Image credit: Lauren Strohacker and Kendra Sollars, Animal Land, Installation at UCLA, October 2016.