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Jon Christensen in The Half Moon Bay Review: State Considers more Affordable Lodging on Coast

A California Coastal Conservancy study indicates low- and middle-income households, people of color, and younger people are less likely to stay along the coast overnight.   “The high-level conclusion is that today the cost of visiting the beach for a day trip, and even more so for an overnight stay, is getting out of reach for...


Jon Christensen in City Lab: California’s Wildfires Are Not a Morality Tale

The fire-scorched state’s history has long been marked by calamities. But its latest disaster did not come to teach Californians a lesson. “Every crisis is not an apocalypse, and every fire isn’t either,” said Jon Christensen, an environmental historian, writer, and professor at the UCLA Institute of the Environment and Sustainability. “These are serious challenges,...


Jon Christensen in Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists: A not-so-hot take on California fires, climate change, smoke waves—and the stories we need, to survive

Jon Christensen writes for the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists about climate change and California’s wildfires.  “We are living in a world of media hot takes. They come at us fast and furious, like embers blown from a firestorm by a fierce Santa Ana or Diablo wind. In an instant we’re surrounded on all sides. Quick judgments are...


Jon Christensen in Capitol Weekly: Parks are a public health solution waiting on our doorstep

It’s time to shift the conversation around parks in California. New data is illuminating the need to look at state parks in communities a bit differently. Rather than measuring their value by their undeniable beauty, new research illustrates a clear opportunity to measure parks by their impact on our public health and communities. It is...


Jon Christensen in Grist: How to build a new park so its neighbors benefit

All cities hunger for new property tax revenue. But all of these park projects at some point aspired to provide green space in neighborhoods that historically had little access to it. This pattern of new parks creating housing pressure might lead observers to wonder whether such investments are a good idea, if they threaten to...


Ursula Heise in South Pasadena Review: Squawk of the Town

“They always begin to move out at first light and back to their roosts about 45 minutes before sunset. It is a sublime experience to hear and see them,’’ said Heise, who is co-founder of the Laboratory for Environmental Narrative Strategies / Institute of the Environment and Sustainability at UCLA.