Laboratory for Environmental Narrative Strategies

Meet Our Team

LENS combines imaginative research and narrative experimentation with data analysis and visualization. The diversity and cross-disciplinary character of our community is central to this mission. In step with UCLA's location in the multiethnic and multilingual Los Angeles basin, our faculty, students, and collaborators view the future of conservation and the environment as interconnected with issues of equity and justice.


Emma Barnosky

Ph.D. Candidate; Graduate Coordinator, LENS

Institute of the Environment and Sustainability

Ursula K. Heise

Professor and LENS Director

Department of English, Institute of the Environment and Sustainability

Matthew Swanson

Ph.D. Candidate; Graduate Coordinator, LENS

Department of English

Lab Members

Aaron Burke

Professor of the Archaeology of Ancient Israel and the Levant

Near Eastern Languages and Cultures

Jon Christensen

Adjunct Assistant Professor

Institute of the Environment and Sustainability, Laboratory for Environmental Narrative Strategies, Luskin Center for Innovation, Center for Digital Humanities

Robin Derby

Associate Professor

Department of History, International Institute

Susanna Hecht


Department of Urban Planning, School of Public Affairs

David Kim

Associate Professor

Germanic Languages

Rachel Lee


Department of English, Gender Studies, Center for the Study of Women, Institute of Society & Genetics

Li Min

Associate Professor