jennie dean

Jennie Dean

Formerly Program Director

Institute of the Environment and Sustainability

La Kretz Hall, Suite 300
Los Angeles, CA 90095

Jennie Dean joined the IoES in August 2016 to run the Corporate Partners Program. In this role, she recruits and maintains partnerships with businesses interested in corporate sustainability. She connects these external partners with UCLA faculty, staff, and students to answer the most pressing questions in the field of sustainability.

In January 2018, Jennie began splitting her time with managing the new Blue Prosperity program. This cross-campus initiative is building a toolkit for small island developing states (SIDS) to help grow their economies and enhance economic opportunities for their people by drawing on the available natural and ocean resources sustainably. In this role she oversees faculty and student teams conducting evaluations of technical, administrative, legal and financial capacity of SIDS.

She has a strong background in facilitating relationships with external partners, curating impactful engagement events, and producing thoughtful and thorough research reports.  Prior to coming to UCLA, she spent most of the last decade in Washington, DC where she worked for the federal government and non-profits on conservation issues. Her educational background is in environmental management with a master’s degree from Duke University and bachelor’s from Princeton University. When not on-campus, you can find her at the beach or hiking in the Santa Monica mountains.

Jennie left IoES in July 2022.


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