Sonali Abraham

Second Year D.Env. Student

Environmental Science and Engineering


Sonali Abraham is a first-year doctoral student. Her work focuses on water treatment methods as well as water resource distribution and access. She grew up in the Middle East and Bangladesh before getting her BS in Chemistry at St. Stephen’s College in New Delhi, India. Diverse experiences in these countries motivated a desire to work in the field of water resources, and more particularly, in the pursuit of clean water and directing it to people in need. She went on to get her MS in Environmental Engineering at Johns Hopkins University, where she worked on the disinfection byproducts produced during chlorination of drinking water. During this time, Sonali also interned at UNEP working on a proposal to mitigate climate change in the Russian Arctic. Armed with a strong scientific background, Sonali is working to expand and widen these skills to include water policy and governance. Her goal is to work at the interface of science and policy to secure water resources at a local and subsequently, global level.