trevon fuller

Trevon Fuller, Ph.D.

Assistant Adjunct Professor

Institute of the Environment and Sustainability

619 Charles E. Young Drive East
La Kretz Hall Suite 300
Los Angeles, CA 90095

(310) 206-6234

Trevon Fuller's CV

I am a research scientist at the IoES with a background in animal-borne diseases, biodiversity, conservation, evolutionary biology, Geographic Information Systems, and statistics. From 2009-2014, I worked on studies of the spillover of zoonotic influenza from livestock and wildlife to humans in the US, Cameroon, and Egypt as part of NIH Fogarty and NIAID multisite surveillance programs. From 2013-2017, I worked on biodiversity and climate change in Cameroon and Gabon as part of an NSF PIRE program. I was responsible for analyzing the effects of climate change on agriculture and economic drivers of deforestation. From 2016-2018, I co-led a study supported by the Panamerican Health Organization on the effect of novel arboviruses on neurological diseases in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. From 2018-2019 I worked as a postdoc for the UCLA Democratic Republic of Congo Health Research and Training Program, helping plan microcensus activities and polio vaccination campaigns. I am currently based at the Infectious Diseases Department, Hospital Federal dos Servidores do Estado in Rio de Janeiro working on studies of antiretrovirals in pregnant women.


congo basin institute

Congo Basin Institute

As UCLA's first foreign affiliate, the Congo Basin Institute in Cameroon provides a vital space for training and scientific research in Africa.

distribution modeling using remote sensing

Distribution Modeling Using Remote Sensing

In this research, species distribution modeling is used as a tool to understand the environmental determinants that control the distribution of species and to obtain spatial patterns on the species’…

Recent Publications

Pathogen-host associations and predicted range shifts of human Monkeypox in response to climate change in Central Africa

Thomassen, H. A.; Fuller, T. L.; Asefi-Najafabady, S.; Shiplacoff, J. A.; Mulembakani, P. M.; Blumberg, S.; Johnston, S. C.; Kisalu, N. K.; Kinkela, T. L.; Fair, J. N.; Wolfe, N. D.; Shongo, R. L.; LeBreton, M.; Meyer, H.; Wright, L. L.; Muyembe, J.; Buermann, W.; Okitolonda, E.; Hensley, L. E.; Lloyd-Smith, J. O.; Smith, T. B.; Rimoin, A. W.

Published Work | 2013 | PLoS ONE 8(7)


Intraspecific morphological and genetic variation of common species predicts ranges of threatened ones

Fuller, T. L.; Thomassen, H. A.; Peralvo, M.; Wolfgang, B.; Mila, B.; Kieswetter, C. M.; Jarrin-V, P.; Cameron Devitt, S. E.; Mason, E.; Schweizer, R. M.; Schluneggar, J.; Chan, J.; Wang, O.; Schneider, C. J.; Pollinger, J. P.; Saatchi, S.; Graham, C. H.; Wayne, R. K.; Smith, T. B.

Published Work | 2013 | Proceedings of the Royal Society Biology 280(1763)


Mapping evolutionary process: a multi-taxa approach to conservation prioritization

Thomassen, H. A.; Fuller, T.; Buermann, W.; Milá, B.; Kieswetter, C.; Jarrín-V, P.; Cameron, S. E.; Mason, E.; Schweizer, R.; Schlunegger, J.; Chan, J.; Wang, O.; Peralvo, M.; Schneider, C. J.; Graham, C. H.; Pollinger, J. P.; Saatchi, S.; Wayne, R. K.; Smith, T. B.

Published Work | 2011 | Evolutionary Applications 4(2), 397–413


Using remote sensing to map the risk of human monkeypox virus in the Congo Basin

Fuller, T. H.; Thomassen, H. A.; Mulembakani, P. M.; Johnston, S. S.; Lloyd-Smith, J. O.; Kisalu, N. K.; Lutete, T. K.; Blumberg, S.; Fair, J. N.; Wolfe, N. D.; Shongo, R. L.; Formenty, P.; Meyer, H.; Wright, L. L.; Muhembe, J.; Buermann, W.; Saatchi, S. S.; Okitolonda, E.; Hensley, L.; Smith, T. B.; Rimoin, A. W.

Published Work | 2010 | EcoHealth 8(1), 14-25


Mapping the risk of avian influenza in wild birds in the U.S.

Fuller, T.; Saatchi, S.; Curd, E. E.; Toffelmier, E.; Thomassen, H.; Buermann, W.; DeSante, D. F.; Nott, M. P.; Saracco, J. F.; Ralph, C. J.; Alexander, J. D.; Pollinger, J. P.; Smith, T. B.

Published Work | 2010 | BMC Infectious Diseases 10(187)