yoram cohen

Yoram Cohen


Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering

(310) 825-8766

5531 Boelter Hall
Los Angeles, CA 90095



Research Website

Polymer and Separations (PolySep) Research Laboratory at UCLA

Research Interests

Surface Nano-structuring
(silylation, graft polymerization, topology of modified surfaces, surface properties)

Surface Crystallization
(Impact of surface topology and chemistry on surface crystallization Selective crystallization through surface nano-patterning Kinetics of surface crystallization)

Separation Processes
(Membranes: Pervaporation; Ultrafiltration; Reverse osmosis and nanofiltration; Enhanced desalination water recovery with accelerated precipitation; Polymer Sorption Resins; Size Exclusion Chromatography)

Polymer Chain Dynamics

(Dynamics of adsorbed and grafted polymer chains)

Electroactive Polymers

Cognitive Neural Networks
(Estimation of physicochemical properties; combinatorial approaches to classification and ranking of pharmaceutical compounds and chemometric analysis of therapeutic drugs; process analysis.)

Environmental Impact Analysis
(Modeling of contaminant partitioning in the multimedia environment; Bioaccumulation of hydrophobic toxins; Contaminant transport in the soil matrix; Chemical volatilization from shallow water bodies; Intermedia transport factors for toxic air pollutants), Environmental exposure and risk assessment