The 2019 Pritzker Emerging Environmental Genius Award Ceremony

Candidates represent the full spectrum of answers to environmental concerns

The Pritzker Award aims to recognize an environmental leader, under the age of 40, who is on the verge of making lasting change in the field of environmental sustainability. The winner will be chosen by a panel of judges: Nicolas Berggruen, founder and president of Berggruen Holdings and the Berggruen Institute Shawn Escoffery, executive director...



Pritzker Winner Hindou Oumarou Ibrahim gives TED Talk: Indigenous Women Should be at the Heart of Climate Activism

To tackle a problem as large as climate change, we need both science and Indigenous wisdom, says environmental activist Hindou Oumarou Ibrahim. In this engaging talk, she shares how her nomadic community in Chad is working closely with scientists to restore endangered ecosystems — and offers lessons on how to create more resilient communities.


Pritzker Award Winner Hindou Oumarou Ibrahim in Business Day: What Africa needs to know from WEF Davos

For the world’s most vulnerable, climate change is not a distant existential threat: it is killing people right now. Hindou Oumarou Ibrahim, president of the Association for Indigenous Women and Peoples of Chad, gave a powerful reality check: “In my region people are dying because of climate change.” ~ Hindou Oumarou Ibrahim


The Pritzkers, IoES & Victoria Sork in UCLA Newsroom: UCLA Psychology Department Receives $30 Million from Anthony & Jeanne Pritzker Family Foundation

UCLA has received a $30 million commitment from the Anthony and Jeanne Pritzker Family Foundation to support a major renovation of the Psychology Tower on the UCLA campus. In recognition of the gift, the building has been named Pritzker Hall. The donation bookends the Anthony & Jeanne Pritzker Family Foundation’s Centennial Campaign giving to the...


Pritzker Winner Hindou Oumarou Ibrahim in OpIndia: Why are comedy ideologues abusing Sadhguru and what is at stake for us all

People, for example, who have taken up the objective to plant one trillion trees on the planet like Hindou Oumarou Ibrahim are the ones who are doing things that go beyond a race, country, creed or group. They are of course undertaking other initiatives that in themselves have transformed the societies they are living in.


Pritzker Award Nominator Emma Marris Gives Op-Ed for The New York Times: How to Stop Freaking Out and Tackle Climate Change

Emma Marris is a Pritzker emerging environmental genius award nominator and is the author of “Rambunctious Garden: Saving Nature in a Post-Wild World.” Here’s her five-step plan to deal with climate change stress and become part of the solution.


2019 Pritzker Winner Hindou Oumarou Ibrahim in International Institute for Sustainable Development: Nature-based Climate Solutions Support All SDGs — COP 25 Side Event

A 2019 UN Climate Change Conference side event on nature-based solutions showcased collaborative actions between agencies, funds and programs to address climate issues. 2019 Pritzker Award winner and Sustainable Development Goals Advocate Hindou Oumarou Ibrahim urged solutions to enable indigenous peoples to address climate change and the implementation of rights-based approaches. She underscored that nature-based...


2019 Pritzker Award Winner in Reuters: U.N. Climate Talks have ‘Failed the People’, Activists Say

In Chad, livestock herders are struggling to find grazing for their animals, and crops are not growing as they should due to worsening droughts and floods, according to Hindou Oumarou Ibrahim, a member of the African country’s Mbororo pastoralist community and winner of the 2019 Pritzker Award. As a result, people are being pushed deeper...


2018 Pritzker winner, Miranda Wang, and IoES Communications Director, David Colgan, in The Epoch Times: California’s Recycling Challenges Require Scientific Innovations

“California is no different than the rest of the United States in that regard, but not being able to export … most of our stuff to China is obviously a problem,” David Colgan, a sustainability author and communications specialist at UCLA’s Institute of the Environment & Sustainability, told The Epoch Times. “We need some technological...


2019 Pritzker Winner Hindou Oumarou Ibrahim in Red Pepper: Review – This Is Not A Drill: An Extinction Rebellion Handbook

 This Is Not A Drill has been written to clarify, inform, inspire and equip the people who are undecided yet interested in moving deeper into the climate action zeitgeist Extinction Rebellion has ingeniously catalyzed.  The book contains a wealth of essays, anecdotes, and advice from the environmentalist community including Hindou Oumarou Ibrahim, an indigenous rights...


2018 Pritzker Finalist Asha De Vos in Forbes: What’s It Like To Be Sri Lanka’s First Whale Biologist?

Sri Lanka is an island nation with more than 8000 square miles of territorial waters, home to 29 documented species of marine mammals, including five large whale species – but until Asha de Vos came along, very little was known about these creatures.


What they’re reading: 2019 Pritkzer Award candidates book recommendations

At the 2019 Pritzker Emerging Environmental Genius Award ceremony, each candidate recommended a book. Here’s the list, for anyone who wants to think like a young environmental genius, and just in time for Cyber Monday. Arthur Middleton “Benito Cereno” by Herman Melville Nearly everything we do – especially in politics – is rooted in a...


2018 Pritzker Finalist Asha De Vos Identifies Elephant Seal off Coast of Siri Lanka for Mongabay

Using amateur video shared on social media, marine biologist Asha de Vos identified the animal as a southern elephant seal, named for its nose that resembles an elephant’s trunk. The largest seal species in the world, the southern elephant seal spends most of its time near Antarctica, only reaching land twice a year to mate...