coastal access in california

Research Project | 2016

Coastal Access in California

The California coast is reaching a tipping point of becoming out of reach for many Californians. Our research and policy report “Access for All: A New Generation’s Challenges on the California Coast” includes new results from a statewide voter poll and a series of Southern California beach surveys, as well as a new analysis of economic barriers to access to the coast. The analysis probes why 62 percent of California voters told a recent poll that coastal access is a problem, and even more said limited affordable options for parking and overnight accommodations and limited public transportation are problems in the parts of the California coast nearest to them.

Click on the “Access for All” button below to see the interactive online version of our report “Access for All: A New Generation’s Challenges on the California Coast.”

Access for All

Download our report and supplement

“Access for All: A New Generation’s Challenges on the California Coast,” 25 January 2017. (PDF)

UCLA coastal access report Southern California supplement, 25 January 2017. (PDF)

Press releases

Press release on the report “Access for All: A New Generation’s Challenges on the California Coast,” 25 January 2017. (PDF)

Press release and data graphics from our statewide Field Poll, 17 November 2016. (PDF)


coastal access in california

Summary Statistics from our Southern California Beach Intercept Surveys, 25 January 2017. (PDF)

Statistical Tabulations from a Survey of Registered Voters about California’s Coast and Beaches, October 2016. (PDF)

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