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cuyahoga on fire

A burning reminder of what happens if we roll back the Clean Water Act

It wasn’t first time. The Cuyahoga burned 13 times in the previous 100 years, thanks mostly to rapid industrialization and lack of sewage treatment. This year, Cleveland hosted annual River Rally conference to coincide with the 50th anniversary of the 1969 fire. Along with high-profile oil spills and the popularity of Rachel Carson’s best-selling Silent...

not just homeowners — businesses need sustainable landscaping too

Not just homeowners — businesses need sustainable landscaping too

California is coming off the heels of an exceptionally wet February which saw multiple atmospheric rivers drench the state. But this a land of extremes, and while the state is flush with water now, we’re coming off a historic drought and another is all but inevitable. Responding to the drought in April 2015, Governor Jerry...


Special Event

Charting California’s Course on the Environment from Brown to Newsom and Beyond

Sponsored by the Emmett Institute on Climate Change and the Environment at UCLA School of Law


Over the period spanning Governor Brown’s four terms in office, California cemented its identity as a pioneer of forward-thinking environmental law. California’s stance on climate and energy policy has marked the state as a national, and even global, force. At home, however, California continues to face entrenched environmental issues: the use and movement of water,...


Lunch & Learn

Local Water Supply in Los Angeles County


How UCLA’s Sustainable LA Project envisions increased local water supply in Los Angeles County. How the Southern California Water Replenishment District, serving over 4 million people in Los Angeles, has become independent of imported water and provided improved access, affordability, and quality of water for disadvantaged communities. UCLA’s own Mark Gold, Associate Vice Chancellor for...


Winter Quarter Water Research Workshop

Hosted by the Graduate Student Water Resources Group


Join us on February 25th for the Winter Quarter Water Research Workshop.  You can sign up for a 10 minute slot to present your work or just come, meet other students interested in water topics and enjoy the presentations.  Presenters can take advantage a casual environment to workshop their presentation and gain feedback from an...


abdullah aleidan

Abdullah Aleidan

Graduate Student


jacob schaperow

Jacob Schaperow

Graduate Student Water Resources Group Executive Committee

Civil and Environmental Engineering

naomi goldenson

Naomi Goldenson

Postdoctoral Scholar

Center for Climate Science

qing shuang, phd

Qing Shuang, PhD

Visiting Research Scholar

California Center for Sustainable Communities at UCLA




Fellowships are at the core of our center, and create pathways into leadership. Our fellows are provided with financial support and engage in research, mentorship, and outreach. 

zinc pollution sources in the los cerritos watershed

Zinc pollution sources in the Los Cerritos watershed

In Southern California, zinc is a difficult stormwater pollutant to mitigate. Many vehicle tires contain zinc, which gets transferred onto asphalt while driving. In metropolitan settings, traffic congestion leads to extra braking and idling, allowing more zinc to accumulate. During first flush or any rainfall event, the pollutant is picked up and discharged into the...

how competing los angeles river revitalization plans will affect surrounding communities

How competing Los Angeles River revitalization plans will affect surrounding communities

In 2007, Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa released the city’s master plan to revitalize the Los Angeles River. Today, the concrete channel is seeing an influx of investment aimed at transforming the concrete flood channel. Many disparate stakeholders have an interest in the river’s future — their competing visions and interests have emerged as one...


Recent warming of landfalling atmospheric rivers along the West Coast of the United States

Gonzales, K.R., Swain, D.L., Barnes, E.A., K. Nardi, and N.S. Diffenbaugh

Published Work | 2019 | Journal of Geophysical Research: Atmospheres

Is society ready for precipitation whiplash?

D.L. Swain

Published Work | 2019 | Earth's Future

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Yoram Cohen in Daily Bruin: What causes the different tastes in types of drinking water?

Yoram Cohen, a chemical and biomolecular engineering professor, said water may also taste different if it has been contaminated with other substances. For example, if water has a high content of sodium chloride, also known as table salt, it would be easily detectable by taste.



Dennis Lettenmaier in US News and World Report: EPA Head Says Drinking Water a Larger Threat Than Climate Change

EPA Administrator Andrew Wheeler said that drinking water, not climate change, is the largest global threat. Some experts disagree. Dennis Lettenmaier, a professor at the University of California, Los Angeles Geography Department, said he partially agrees with Wheeler’s statements on drinking water. Despite agreeing that contaminated drinking water is a “now” problem, Lettenmaier said it...



Mark Gold in LA Magazine: That Rain We Just Got? Most of It Went Right Down the Drain

Mark Gold, Associate Vice Chancellor for Environment and Sustainability, spoke with LA Magazine about all the rain California received in February and where it all went.


From Farms to Cities: Percolating New Ideas for Water Security

Sustainable Conservation a non-profit and IoES practicum client partner produced this video from an event held Sept 6, 2017 Following winter rains that pummeled the state, it’s easy for California’s five-year drought to recede in our memories. Resisting that amnesia is essential to our Golden State’s water future. We will explore how farms and cities...