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A Room Where it Happens | LA: H20 from Mountains to Sea

Cabrillo Marine Aquarium, Civicas Woen's Civic Action Network &


Please join us for a Cross-Sector Conversation about Water Issues, Technological Actions & Civic Resources, Including an Environmental Education Expo Inspired by CA’s $9 billion Water Bond & LA’s Storm Water Tax initiatives on the November Ballot Our experts panelists are leaders in the Civic Water Sector including: Angela Barraco, CEO, River LA; Ann Carpenter, Co-Founder/CEO, Braid...

Lecture Series

Desalination: Should salt water play a role in our sustainable future?

A & Santa Monica Pier event


Sixty percent of L.A.County’s water comes from hundreds of miles away. Obtaining and transporting trillions of gallons each year requires a lot of energy and puts enormous strain on ecosystems and human communities upstream. Meanwhile, climate change is about to up the ante. Almost two-thirds of the California’s fresh water comes from the Sierra Nevada,...


Water in the Middle East & Africa: A Nexus of Cooperation & Conflict

A Conference on Challenges Facing the Regions & Potential Solutions


The severe water crises facing areas of the Middle East and Africa have significant implications for the health, welfare and security of the regions’ people. Today, issues related to water availability and quality – including food security, sanitation and health, and economic development – have become both more complex and critical to address in these...


Naomi Goldenson

Postdoctoral Scholar

Center for Climate Science

Qing Shuang, PhD

Visiting Research Scholar

California Center for Sustainable Communities at UCLA

Asma Mahdi

Guest writer & communications manager for Sustainable L.A. Grand Challenge

Sustainable L.A. Grand Challenge

Xingying Huang

Postdoctoral Scholar

Center for Climate Science


Ensuring the Sustainability of Los Angeles Water Management Under Climate Change

In Fall 2018, the UCLA IoES Center for Climate Science kicked off a new five-year project aimed at improving the sustainability of water management operations and planning in Los Angeles County. Our researchers will work closely with key water agencies to ensure that water resources managers take cutting-edge climate science into account.

Los Angeles Sustainability Plan

The County of Los Angeles is developing the first county-wide sustainability plan. Working with a UCLA team and the engineering firm, Buro Happold, CCSC is providing science and expertise to the development of the County of Los Angeles Sustainability Plan. Our County Information Sheet Sustainable LA Grand Challenge and UCLA partners to host affiliate event...


On the Connection Between Global Hydrologic Sensitivity and Regional Wet Extremes

C.W. Thackeray, A.M. DeAngelis, A. Hall, D.L. Swain, X. Qu

Published Work | 2018 | Geophysical Research Letters

Groundwater Exchange Pools and Urban Water Supply Sustainability: Modeling Directed and Undirected Networks

E. Porse, K. Mika, R. Williams, M. Gold. W. Blomquist, S. Pincetl

Published Work | 2018 | Journal of Water Resources Planning and Management

Characterizing the spatial scales of extreme daily precipitation in the United States

D. Touma, A.M. Michalak, D.L. Swain, N.S. Diffenbaugh

Published Work | 2018 | Journal of Climate

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Study: Efficient Irrigation Methods Increase Water Usage

It is thought that the efficient irrigation is actually using more water. Stephanie Pincetl said that it cannot all be blamed on efficient irrigation. California’s flood control policies contributed to decreased groundwater levels because they “essentially eliminate” winter flooding that used to recharge ground water. “There are confounding factors, and efficient farming is one piece of the problem.”



We Asked an Expert About Trump’s Baffling Wildfire Tweets. Here’s What They Had to Say

Trump claimed that California is diverting their water to the ocean rather than fighting fires. "I wouldn't say that that's true whatsoever," UCLA professor Glen MacDonald told Science AF on the phone. MacDonald added "that even if we had more water from the Sacramento or San Joaquin rivers to fight these wildfires, it wouldn't make any difference because a lack of water isn't the problem."



UCLA wins awards at sustainability conference

"UCLA has been awarded four best practice awards in the 14th annual Higher Education Energy Efficiency and Sustainability competition. Among the honors was recognition for the Sustainable LA Grand Challenge, a campus wide research initiative that aims to transition Los Angeles County to using 100 percent local water and 100 percent renewable energy by 2050."


From Farms to Cities: Percolating New Ideas for Water Security

Sustainable Conservation a non-profit and IoES practicum client partner produced this video from an event held Sept 6, 2017 Following winter rains that pummeled the state, it’s easy for California’s five-year drought to recede in our memories. Resisting that amnesia is essential to our Golden State’s water future. We will explore how farms and cities...