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Muir Symposium: California and the Birth of a New Environmentalism

Creation of a New Environmentalism – Where Might We Go From Here?

Creation of a New Environmentalism in California keynote lecture by Barbara Romero Deputy Mayor for City Services Former City of Los Angeles Board of Public Works Commissioner   welcoming & closing remarks by Jon Christensen , Adjunct Assistant Professor, UCLA Institute of the Environment and Sustainability, UCLA Department of History, and the UCLA Center for...



UCLA aflutter over the butterfly effect

Jeff Holmquist, a community ecologist at the UCLA White Mountain Research Center and the UCLA Institute of the Environment and Sustainability, spoke with UCLA Newsroom about the butterfly migration across LA. 


Glen MacDonald in TIME Magazine, CA Wildfires

Glen MacDonald is Director of UCLA’s White Mountain Research Center. His research focuses on climate change, its causes and its impact on the environment and society. MacDonald commented on President Trump’s statements about federal funding to fight wildfires in TIME Magazine. 


Climate Change Is Fueling California’s Wildfires | Glen MacDonald

Here & Now‘s Robin Young talks with Glen MacDonald, a professor and climate scientist at UCLA who’s studied climate change and the causes and impacts of wildfires. MacDonald and his family also evacuated their Southern California home on Friday to escape the Woolsey Fire.


Global Warming Creates “the Worst of All Possible Worlds” for California Fires

Global warming might have had a hand in California’s recent string of deadly wildfires, UCLA researchers said this week. Climate change is producing “the worst of all possible worlds, and that is what keeps me awake at night,” study co-author Glen MacDonald, a UCLA distinguished professor of geography and ecology, said in a statement.


UCLA Law policy brief recommends ways to track California’s coastal climate change preparedness

By Lauri Gavel Originally posted by UCLA Newsroom  In light of the serious challenges posed by rising sea levels, the California Legislature recently enacted a bill that directs the California Natural Resources Agency and Ocean Protection Council to develop an online database to keep track of actions taken by state agencies and selected other entities...