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Jon Christensen in Capital Weekly: Why California needs another water bond in 2020

Jon Christensen writes for Capital Weekly about a 2020 ballot for safe drinking water, drought preparation, wildfire prevention, and climate resilience.


Jon Christensen in UCLA Newsroom: Prioritizing equity helps ensure poor communities receive benefits of bond measures

UCLA’s Jon Christensen discusses his new study of California’s Proposition 1


Jon Christensen in Travel Weekly: Hotel rates, development limiting access to California coast

Jon Christensen, an adjunct assistant professor at the Institute of the Environment and Sustainability at UCLA, said the Coastal Act has two goals. One is to protect the coastal environment, the other is to preserve public access to the coast. “In the last few years, however, there’s been a real focus on what the barriers...


Jon Christensen in India Currents: Shifting the Sources of Drinking Water in California

Even at a time when the California snowpack is 161% of the historical average for April, water experts are concerned about water optimization, usage, storage and conservation. “We’re evolved into a society of water seekers,” said Jon Christensen, an adjunct assistant professor in the Institute of the Environment and Sustainability at UCLA and a founder of...


Allison Carruth in Daily Bruin: Inner Peas: What does ‘organic’ really mean? A look into its social, environmental impact

Allison Carruth, a faculty member in the English department and the Institute for Society and Genetics, said the most prominent data surrounding the harmful effects of toxic chemicals used in food production are seen directly in farmworker communities. “Intensive agriculture makes heavy use of pesticides and herbicides,” she said. “This pesticide exposure has multigenerational effects...