IoES created and launched GreenShorts in 2016. The student environmental short film contest invites three minute or less films that showcase ideas, commentary and vision for our cities and the world.

Ariel Hyman pictured with parents after her film won the “No Justice, No Green” category.

2016 GreenShorts Contest

The 2016 GreenShorts contest collected short film submissions from high school students across the greater Los Angeles area. Finalists and awards were presented at the Earth Now : Earth 2050 Luskin Symposium on October 18.

2016 GreenShorts finalists at the screening and awards ceremony
2016 GreenShorts finalists at the screening and awards ceremony


Film Categories and Finalists:


Environmental heroes: people or communities making a difference

Best Film: A Helpful Herd of Environmental Heroes

First Runner-Up: My Mother, My Eco-Hero

Second Runner-Up: Eco-Heroes


Ecotopia: visions of a green metropolis

Best Film: The Emerald

First Runner-Up: Take A moment

Second Runner-Up: A Better Future!


No justice, no green: social justice issues, such as poverty, race and gender in relation to the environment

Best Film: Dollar Tree

First Runner-Up: Nalleli’s Message to the Pope

This video is no longer available. 

Second Runner-Up: Water You Doing?


You Are What You Eat: elements of the food ecosystem

Best Film: Abundance

First Runner-Up: Food From Sky

Second Runner-Up: A Water Bottle’s Journey


Wild L.A.: animals, plants or natural systems found in neighborhoods or nearby parks

Best Film: Only World

First Runner-Up: DAVE

Second Runner-Up: Our Park. Our Future.

Thank you to Paramount for sponsoring Paramount Studio tour prizes.

Thank you to our esteemed judging panel: John Fiege, Laura Gabbert, Brian Koppelman, Jesse Sisgold, Dr. Susan Smalley, Kevin Wall

“Filmmaking has become so accessible because of technology—anyone can pick up a camera and tell a story,” Gabbert said. “There’s much more power to make a difference now.”