Sustainability Action Research



Green Games Blog Post: March 8, 2019

  Changing the Game [With Recyclable and Compostable Concessions Products] By: Zachary Alter, Jacob Gerigk, Sarina Levin, Jonah Eisen, Amber Lam, and Kate Minden. Edited by Chloe Ney. The Green…


Sustainable Purchasing Blog Post: March 8, 2019

  Initial Stages of Company Contact By: Ryan Hallman, Stephanie Hauschildt, Gabriel Hernandez, Corbin Kehrberg, Ayahna Mack, and Monica Portillo. Edited by Chloe Ney. The Sustainable Purchasing Team continues to evaluate the methods…


Zero Waste Blog Post: March 8, 2019

  Increasing Waste Diversion at YRL By: Natasha Oviedo, Malcolm Au, Kate Zeile, Gustav Fiere, and Elizabeth Tanner. Edited by Chloe Ney. After the week seven waste audit, the Zero…


Food Justice and Basic Needs Blog Post: March 8, 2019

  Expanding Student Knowledge About UCLA Basic Needs Resources  By: Alicia Kwan, Diana Ngyuen, Maninder Kaur, Jasmine Summers- Evans, Rosemary Wallace, Melinda McMonigle, and Fiona Zhang. Our team adapted our Theory of Change…


Transportation Blog Post: March 1, 2019

  Transportation Team Skirts Along By: Kyle Willenborg Hello everyone! We are now entering the thick of the SAR program as we approach the end of week 8, and the…