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Zooming in on how climate change affects severe weather

UCLA weather expert Daniel Swain is part of a team that created a new four-step “framework” to more accurately test how climate change is pushing unprecedented weather events. It’s the latest study in a burgeoning field of climate science known as “extreme event attribution.” Testing their new framework, researchers found that human induced warming has increased the odds of severely hot weather across more than 80 percent of the globe.


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Climate Change Town Hall

A Conversation with Congressman Adam Schiff


On April 21, 2017, Rep. Adam Schiff held a town hall on climate change at Caltech’s Beckman Auditorium. Center for Climate Science Director Alex Hall joined the panel, along with UC Riverside’s Francesca Hopkins and Caltech’s Tapio Schneider, to discuss how global climate change will affect us in California — and what we can do...

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Oppenheim Lecture: California’s Climate Future

Water and the Sierra Nevada


Over the past few years, Californians have seen first-hand the consequences of hotter-than-normal temperatures and a smaller-than-normal Sierra Nevada snowpack, including historically low reservoir levels, dying trees, and increased wildfire risk. You’ve probably wondered, “If things are like this now, what will they be like in the future, as the climate continues to change?” UCLA...


M. Sanjayan

M. Sanjayan

Visiting Researcher

Institute of the Environment and Sustainability

Larry Lai Headshot

Larry Lai

LiS Student Representative & M.P.H./M.U.R.P. Candidate

Luskin School of Public Affairs and Fielding School of Public Health

Jennifer Taylor Headshot

Jennifer Taylor

Second Year D.Env. Student

Environmental Science and Engineering

Alison Partie

Alison Partie

First Year D.Env. Student

Environmental Science and Engineering



Air quality mobile application

Our team at the UCLA Institute of the Environment and Sustainability and UCLA Health invites you to join our Air Quality Research study.  AirForU enables you to gain a better understanding of your local air quality conditions and understand how air quality affects your health. Through this study you can be a part of innovative...


Energy Conservation Behavior

UCLA ENGAGE investigates how real-time energy consumption feedback can be used as an effective tool for energy conservation. It applies insights from behavioral science to design optimal interventions for changing energy use behavior. It is among the largest behavioral experiments in energy conservation in the United States.

Communications, science, and authoritarianism: then and now

This seminar class explores the role communications and science play in societies trending toward authoritarianism, tribalism and insularity. We compare global historical precedents and current events—in particular the Trump presidency—with a focus on technology, the immediate impacts of climate change, and new social justice realities for different populations. How do these factors affect personal and...


Quantifying the influence of global warming on unprecedented extreme climate events

N. S. Diffenbaugh, D. Singh, J. S. Mankin, A. Charland, D. E. Horton, M. Haugen, D .L. Swain, B. Rajaratnam, D. Touma

Published Work | 2017 | Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences

The effectiveness of US energy efficiency building labels

Omar Isaac Asensio, Magali A. Delmas

Published Work | 2017 | Nature Energy

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Variety: Paul Allen, Peter Kareiva call on Hollywood to make more films about climate change

“…The best environmental stories frame tough challenges in ways that not only spark people’s sense of morality, but also empower them with the belief that they can make a difference.”



KPCC-FM: An L.A. County environmental report card is a ‘surprise and a disappointment,’ highlighting gaps for improvement

“Despite tremendous leadership in California and in the region on a wide variety of air quality and greenhouse gas emission reduction issues, we’re seeing in L.A. County that we’re still a C-student,” said UCLA’s Mark Gold.



Washington Post: Record-breaking climate events all over the world are being shaped by global warming, scientists find

A new study published in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences analyzed the influence of global warming on extreme climate events, such as record-breaking temperatures or rainfall, all over the world. It found that climate change has had a substantial effect.