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climate change book for kids

Cool for You: Q&A with Marianna Linz, author of climate change book for kids

Linz is a climate scientist with UCLA Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences and a fellow with the Center for Diverse Leadership in Science. She’s also author of Cool for You, a science-informed children’s book about climate change. What was the inspiration for Cool for You — how did this book come about? Linz: In Boston, I volunteered...


Special Event

California Climate Expedition

Learning About Climate Change Impacts and Solutions Firsthand by Bicycle


The UCLA IoES Center for Climate Science is pleased to announce we’re partnering with OnePulse to bring you the California Climate Expedition: a first-of-its-kind cycling tour and educational experience. Learn more about the event via the video and FAQ below, and contact OnePulse for more information or to sign up. What is it? The California Climate...

Special Event

LA’s New Abnormal: Mega-Wildfires

Reception and Discussion


  The Nature Conservancy and UCLA Institute of the Environment and Sustainability (IoES) invite you to LA’s New Abnormal: Mega-Wildfires Reception and Discussion   Seemingly every year, California breaks some record for devastation with a new wildfire. The Woolsey fire was the worst the Malibu area has ever seen, and it has been 100 years since...

Lecture Series

Life on the Move | Los Angeles, A Migration Haven

2018 Fall Lecture Series


Life on the Move Lecture Series All plants and animals, including humans, move during their lifetimes, but some take truly harrowing or magnificent journeys to new lands and habitats. This Fall, the La Brea Tar Pits and Museum will join the UCLA Institute of the Environment and Sustainability to produce a three-night conversation between the people of...


Ari Simon

Strategy and Engagement Services

Los Angeles Regional Collective for Climate Action and Sustainability

Karen Aline McKinnon

Assistant Professor

Institute of the Environment and Sustainability, Department of Statistics

Liz Koslov

Assistant Professor

Department of Urban Planning, Institute of the Environment and Sustainability

Chad Thackeray

Postdoctoral Scholar

Center for Climate Science


Cyclone over an island.

Known and emerging risks to small island developing states

Islands are particularly vulnerable to environmental risks from climate change and natural disasters.  These risks can be especially hazardous to a small-scale island economy and have cascading effects; for example, climate change vulnerability can negatively impact an island’s credit rating, further impairing its capacity for increasing resilience. In order to bolster islands’ resilience and adaptive...

SAR Zero Waste Team

Pictured above, left to right: Gustav Fiere, Elizabeth Tanner, Natasha Oviedo (Team Leader), Kate Zeile, and Malcolm Au (Team Leader)     Zero-Waste at Young Research Library: Effectiveness of Educational and Outreach Methods at Increasing Waste Diversion   Project Description:  The Zero-Waste SAR team will be conducting a research project on the use of educational signage and outreach...

SAR Resilience Team

Pictured above, left to right: Anh-Vy Pham, Sophia Bozone, Tory Coffin, Lea Le Rouzo (Team Leader), David Scolari, and Nicholas Caton (Team Leader)   Developing A Comprehensive Resilience Plan for UCLA   Project Description: The 2019 Resilience Team will work with the Office of Emergency Management to help develop a comprehensive resilience plan for UCLA. UCLA...

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Alex Hall in UPI: Climate model uncertainty helps scientists narrow range of predictions

Alex Hall, a climate scientist at UCLA, spoke with UPI about climate modeling. “Scientists and their models agree, the world is getting warmer and the climate is changing as a result of growing greenhouse gas emissions. But even the best models can’t say exactly what the planet’s climate systems will look like in 2100. ‘We...



UCLA’s Daniel Swain in Popular Science: Here’s what a ‘very likely’ sequel to California’s 1862 megastorm would look like

The Great Flood, unleashed 10 feet of rain and snow over California in 43 days at the end of 1861 and the start of 1862. The precipitation formed an inland sea that stretched 300 miles down the Central Valley and as much as 60 miles wide. At least 21 people died, the state declared bankruptcy,...



Daniel Swain in NY Times: Snow in Forecast for a 2,500-Mile Path From California to Maine

Daniel Swain, a UCLA climate scientist, spoke with NY Times about forecasted snow from California to Maine.  “Increasingly in California and elsewhere we’re seeing anecdotes that are lining up with the physical science evidence,” Mr. Swain said. “The last 30 years have changed a lot more than the previous 30 years, and we expect that...


Inconvenient Environmentalist: Peter Kareiva Uncensored

Environmental scientist Peter Kareiva of UCLA has angered fellow environmentalists when talking about the environment. His unique take on things and tell it like it is style allows him to objectively view environmental issues without demonizing deniers. Reporter David Nazar has this exclusive interview.

UCLA Climate Scientist Aradhna Tripati: #infiniteLA

“I try to connect the research and education that I do on the environment, climate change and earth science to social justice and to the quest to create a much more inclusive and equitable world.” IoES Faculty Member/ Center for Diverse Leadership in Science Director Aradhna Tripati, as featured in The Broad’s #InfiniteLA video series...