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99% Preservation and 1% Densification

A Case for Urban Density along the Wilshire Corridor


The plan accommodates the city’s anticipated population increase—1.5 million people by 2050—by densifying less than one percent of its land. Comparing Wilshire Boulevard to major streets in other global metropolises, including Barcelona’s Avenida Diagonal and New York’s Broadway, they model real-world responses to growth and transformation that offer more sustainable strategies for Los Angeles. Moderated...

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How Wildfire Will Shape Our Future

Discussion of Edward Struzik's book, "Firestorm"


Featured speaker: Edward Struzik Panelists: Douglas Bevington, Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation (moderator); Beth Burnham, North Topanga Canyon Fire Safe Council; Chad Hanson, The John Muir Project ; Alex Hall, UCLA; Chief Ralph Terrazas, City of Los Angeles ABOUT THE BOOK 2017 was marked as the deadliest and most destructive year of wildfires ever in California. Over 9,000 fires...

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KCET Earth Focus Environmental Film Festival (co-sponsored by LENS)

Open to the public


The second annual Earth Focus Environmental Film Festival will take place Sat., April 21 from 9:30 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. at Laemmle’s Monica Film Center in Santa Monica (1332 2nd St., Santa Monica, CA. 90401) in partnership with Laemmle’s Theatres. Open to the public, the event kicks off with a screening of environmental shorts from...


Liz Koslov

Assistant Professor

Department of Urban Planning, Institute of the Environment and Sustainability

Chad Thackeray

Postdoctoral Scholar

Center for Climate Science

Naomi Goldenson

Postdoctoral Scholar

Center for Climate Science

Sean Kennedy

Post Doctoral Researcher

California Center for Sustainable Communities at UCLA


Planet Innovation Podcast

Planet Innovation is a podcast about business solutions to solve environmental problems. We bring uplifting conversations with scientists and entrepreneurs who are creating innovative solutions for the planet. This is not another doom and gloom sustainability podcast. From solar clothing to lab-based meat, we discuss how science and entrepreneurship can save the earth. Season 1...

Nimble Foods for Climate Chaos

“Nimble Foods for Climate Chaos” is a cross-disciplinary collaboration between environmental artist and NYU faculty member Marina Zurkow, Los Angeles chef duo Hank and Bean, and LENS faculty director Allison Carruth to explore the cultural and environmental conditions that would support sustainable food systems. The project brings immersive / public art and storytelling together with...


Characterizing the spatial scales of extreme daily precipitation in the United States

D. Touma, A.M. Michalak, D.L. Swain, N.S. Diffenbaugh

Published Work | 2018 | Journal of Climate

Anthropogenic Warming Impacts on Today’s Sierra Nevada Snowpack and Flood Risk

X. Huang, A. Hall, and N. Berg

Published Work | 2018 | Geophysical Research Letters

Why Do Models Produce Spread in Snow Albedo Feedback?

C.W. Thackeray, X. Qu, and A. Hall

Published Work | 2018 | Geophysical Research Letters

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How Do We Measure Future Snow Cover?

There are multiple ways to measure snow cover, including field monitoring, remote sensing, and hydrological modeling. UCLA's Chunyu Dong explains that the best way to measure is to combine all methods. Each method that their own hole in data, and together make a more complete and accurate picture.



Zinke takes forestry fight to fire-ravaged California

Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke looks to push active forest management in California. The push is coming at a time where California is burning with multiple wildfires and the House is trying to pass a farm bill that includes logging without environmental review. Environmentalists are fighting the idea of logging, however, Glen MacDonald a professor of geography at UCLA says that the argued benefits of logging are complicated and don’t always fall along party lines.



Steve Lopez: Ignore the climate change deniers. California’s hellish summer really is a grave warning

LA Times' Steve Lopez surveyed and found that many either deny that climate change is real or believe it is but not much can be done to change the circumstances. However, he believes this year's summer is the warning that people should be paying attention to. He includes UCLA's Alex Hall and ask can California  have any impact on reversing climate change. Hall has no doubt, California is setting the pathway for change and adaptation. 


A Climate Series for the Ages: Living with Climate Change, Part 4

Imagining Futures for a Hotter Planet Artists, writers and media organizations are playing vital roles in conveying the science and ethics of global warming. This conversation will explore how experiments in environmental storytelling and media imagine possible futures for different communities and ecosystems in the context of planetary climate change.  Conversation with Rita Wong, Poet,...