Center for Climate Science

Special Event

Climate Change and Sustainability

Transforming Our Relationship with Our Environment


In the conversation about how to address climate change, the focus is often on the technologies that can help us lower heat-trapping greenhouse gas emissions. But in reality, addressing climate change sustainably and equitably requires a much deeper examination — and transformation — of the human relationship with our environment. Join leaders working to green...

Special Event

The Future of Fire in Santa Barbara County

A Panel Discussion


A conversation with leaders who study climate change and wildfire, manage fires and evacuations, and work to understand the economic and policy dimensions of increased fire risk in a changing climate. We’ll explore the lessons learned from the area’s recent Thomas Fire, what the future holds, and what we can do about it. Panelists: Leila...

Special Event

Turning Climate Science Into Action

A Tale of Two Cities


Join us as we kick off our California Climate Expedition with a party and discussion about climate science and action in California! As climate change continues unabated and California communities feel the impacts, it’s more important than ever that scientists inform climate problem-solving. In the Bay Area, the Climate Readiness Institute connects academics with stakeholders...

Special Event

California Climate Expedition

Learning About Climate Change Impacts and Solutions Firsthand by Bicycle


From June 8 to 24, 2019, the UCLA IoES Center for Climate Science is partnering with OnePulse to bring you the California Climate Expedition: a first-of-its-kind cycling tour and educational experience. Learn more about the ride below, and follow us on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook to keep up with the journey! We’ll be posting regular updates...

Special Event

A Climate Series for the Ages

Living with Climate Change


This fall, the La Brea Tar Pits and Museum, in collaboration with UCLA Institute of the Environment and Sustainability, has designed a new kind of climate series: a four-night conversation between the L.A. community and some of the world’s experts on all things climate. DATES: October 5 – Climate Change Cliff Notes October 19 – Earth and...

Special Event

Climate Change, the Sierra Nevada, and Our Water Future

Research presentation and Q&A by Alex Hall


Center for Climate Science Director Alex Hall travels to Long Beach to continue his speaking tour about his groundbreaking research on climate change in the Sierra Nevada.

Special Event

Research Talk: California’s Climate Future

Water and the Sierra Nevada


When it comes to water, the Sierra Nevada has always been a feast-or-famine environment. As global temperatures climb with human emissions of greenhouse gases, how will this change? What is the future of the Sierra Nevada, and what does it mean for us?

Special Event

Climate Change Town Hall

A Conversation with Congressman Adam Schiff


On April 21, 2017, Rep. Adam Schiff held a town hall on climate change at Caltech’s Beckman Auditorium. Center for Climate Science Director Alex Hall joined the panel, along with UC Riverside’s Francesca Hopkins and Caltech’s Tapio Schneider, to discuss how global climate change will affect us in California — and what we can do...

Special Event

Oppenheim Lecture: California’s Climate Future

Water and the Sierra Nevada


Over the past few years, Californians have seen first-hand the consequences of hotter-than-normal temperatures and a smaller-than-normal Sierra Nevada snowpack, including historically low reservoir levels, dying trees, and increased wildfire risk. You’ve probably wondered, “If things are like this now, what will they be like in the future, as the climate continues to change?” UCLA...

Special Event

Research Talk: What Climate Change Means for the Sierra Nevada–and California

Presentation and Q&A by Professor Alex Hall


Over the past few years, Californians have seen first-hand the consequences of hotter-than-normal temperatures and a smaller-than-normal Sierra Nevada snowpack, including historically low reservoir levels, dying trees, and increased wildfire risk. You’ve probably wondered, “If things are like this now, what will they be like in the future, as the climate continues to change?” UCLA...



Daniel Swain in the Guardian: California’s wildfire season is starting and officials are bracing for the worst

It is difficult to predict how bad the rest of this fire season will be based on the number of fires so far, said Daniel Swain, a climate scientist at the University of California, Los Angeles. “Our worst fire years aren’t necessarily the years that we’ve had the highest number of fires,” he noted. “All...



Daniel Swain in CurbedLA: 90 degree temps in the LA forecast through Tuesday

The Bay Area, however, might see record heat, according to UCLA climate scientologist Daniel Swain. On Twitter, he says Southern California “should still be quite warm to hot—just not as likely to be record-breaking.”



Daniel Swain on The Weather Channel: Where Will All the Water Go?

Daniel Swain (University of California, Los Angeles, and NCAR) has been studying the weather whiplash plaguing California in recent years, as the state lurches between wet years (including 2018-19) and intense drought years akin to those in the early 2010s. “If precipitation is falling in shorter but sharper bursts — as is an emerging trend...



Daniel Swain in KQED: Bay Area Logs Especially Wet May

“The weather pattern literally looked like something straight out of January, but it’s May,” said Daniel Swain, a climate scientist with UCLA. “This regression back towards winter like conditions is amazing. There was a significant amount of rain near the coast.” It was San Francisco’s 12th wettest May on record, according to the National Weather...



Daniel Swain on KCRW: LA sees weird weather this May

It was Bike to Work Day in LA, but the weather gods had other ideas. A storm came through this morning, which is pretty unusual for Southern California in the middle of May. There may be more rain in the next few days too. Climate researcher and weather blogger Daniel Swain calls it “Mayuary.”



Daniel Swain in SF Gate: Unusual mid-May rain in the forecast for the Bay Area

“Some fairly unusual mid-May precipitation expected across a big chunk of the Western U.S., including California!” tweeted Daniel Swain, a climate scientist at UCLA. “Unsettled pattern may continue for 10+ days.”



UCLA environmental plan can transform L.A.

A futuristic, comprehensive environmental plan for Los Angeles has been drawn up at UCLA. It’s known as the Sustainable L.A. Grand Challenge. It is being hailed as a call to action for groundbreaking intervention that could forge a more sustainable path forward for the great L.A. basin.



Alex Hall in Uncertain projections help to reveal the truth about future climate change

Alex Hall, a UCLA climate scientist, talks about his research on emergent constraints within climate modeling.  The first emergent constraint was identified on the snow-albedo feedback by lead author Professor Alex Hall of the University of California in Los Angeles,who said: “we found that the seasonal variation in the amount of snow-cover was closely related...



Alex Hall in UPI: Climate model uncertainty helps scientists narrow range of predictions

Alex Hall, a climate scientist at UCLA, spoke with UPI about climate modeling. “Scientists and their models agree, the world is getting warmer and the climate is changing as a result of growing greenhouse gas emissions. But even the best models can’t say exactly what the planet’s climate systems will look like in 2100. ‘We...



Mark Gold on KCRW-FM: Californias need to mindful of drought conditions

Mark Gold, associate vice chancellor for environment and sustainability, spoke with KCRW-FM  about drought conditions in California. “We have a research group here at UCLA, led by Alex Hall, who has been looking at this issue quite intently for the last few years. He has predicted, in his group, that we will have climate whiplash, which...



Daniel Swain in The Inertia: California Is Officially Out of the Drought

Research by Daniel Swain, a climate scientist at UCLA, was quoted in this Inertia article on the end of California’s drought. 



UCLA’s Daniel Swain in Popular Science: Here’s what a ‘very likely’ sequel to California’s 1862 megastorm would look like

The Great Flood, unleashed 10 feet of rain and snow over California in 43 days at the end of 1861 and the start of 1862. The precipitation formed an inland sea that stretched 300 miles down the Central Valley and as much as 60 miles wide. At least 21 people died, the state declared bankruptcy,...