Center for Diverse Leadership in Science

american indian studies center

American Indian Studies Center

The UCLA American Indian Studies Center (AISC) was founded in 1969 as a research institute dedicated to addressing American Indian issues and supporting Native communities. The AISC serves as a hub of activities for Indigenous students, staff, faculty, alumni, and community, as well as serving as a bridge between the academy and indigenous peoples locally,...

View of Earth from space

CDLS Partners at UCLA

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environmental justice and first nations

Environmental Justice and First Nations

We created Environmental Justice and First Nations as a way to recognize and amplify the voices of Indigenous people. This program aims to recruit and retain Indigenous students in STEM fields, provide hands-on research opportunities for students at tribal institutions, support the learning of different Indigenous research frameworks and epistemologies, and recognize Indigenous leaders from...

environmental leadership program

Environmental Leadership Program

In September 2018, early-career fellows participated in an Emerging Leaders for the Emerging Future retreat facilitated by the Environmental Leadership Program.  ELP is a visionary nonprofit that offers leadership workshops to increase the capacity for a sustainable future. Like CDLS, ELP recognizes that diversity is a crucial component of environmental leadership and that there is...

research tours

Research Tours

Our fellows inspire people who are curious to learn what environmental research looks like at a major research institution. Visitors attend group or individual tours and become inspired by seeing work the research fellows are doing in the field, on a computer, or in laboratories. We answer questions about our research and about our very...

community outreach

Community Outreach

Our community outreach includes visiting schools, hosting groups for tours, mentorship, and research experience for high school students and teachers and members of the public.

faculty development

Faculty Development

Faculty Fellows take a leadership role in creating more inclusive environments at UCLA by transforming STEM teaching and mentoring through growing their awareness and practices, with the goal of improving recruitment and retention rates of students from diverse backgrounds into environmental science and other STEM fields.   Our Faculty Fellows continue their professional development as inclusive...



Our fellows work in research teams to advance skills and solve environmental problems through hands-on experience. 

climate justice forum

Environmentalists of Color Collective at UCLA

The Environmentalists of Color Collective at UCLA was brought together as a means of challenging the white-dominated conventions of the contemporary environmentalism movement by promoting and co-creating a healing space for marginalized identities to unpack, discuss, and organize for diversity and inclusivity within the mainstream environmentalism movement.



Fellowships are at the core of our center, and create pathways into leadership. Our fellows are provided with financial support and engage in research, mentorship, and outreach. 

Center for Education Innovation & Learning in the Sciences (CEILS)

Center for Education Innovation & Learning in the Sciences (CEILS)

The Center for Education Innovation & Learning in the Sciences (CEILS) creates a collaborative community of instructors committed to advancing teaching excellence, assessment, diversity, and scholarship, resulting in the enhancement of student learning experiences in the Life and Physical Sciences at UCLA. CEILS is excited to work with CDLS to support the faculty fellows in...

Climate Currents

Climate Currents

Climate Currents is a student-created publication that features diverse perspectives throughout environmental science. A team of 9 early career fellows give voice to those experiencing climate change and other environmental injustices firsthand while simultaneously educating the public about environmental science. Our work features experiences of scientists working in environmental research, activists involved in stewardship, and...

diversitea & courageous coffee

DiversiTEA & Courageous Coffee

Our institutions suffer from racism, sexual harassment, and income disparities. We recognize the need to discuss difficult and sensitive topics with one another in order to address the dominant culture of our institutions that leads to racism, sexual harassment, and other forms of oppression. DiversiTea is a space for conversation where people discuss social science...

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Environmental Science Without Borders

Environmental Science Without Borders (ESWB) is an international peer-mentorship program where students and scientists from different countries come together and learn from one another in environmental fields. ESWB was created by CDLS postdoctoral fellow Adeyemi Adebiyi who recognized that many abroad might be interested in working in science but may lack the infrastructure, skills, and...

k-12 outreach

K-12 Outreach

Focused on education, inclusion, and empowerment, CDLS fellows design immersive lesson plans and hands-on science experiments for K-12 students in California and other regions. Our K-12 outreach team serves as role models for the students with whom they interact.  The outreach we do builds upon existing relationships and is growing to include new schools and...

queers in stem

Queers in STEM

Our partner organization, Queers in STEM (QSTEM), was formed by CDLS graduate student, Rob Ulrich. As a biracial, gay man, he wanted to create a space for LGBTQ+ identifying people and other identity-based STEM organizations to build a community of support and encouragement within the cis-heteronormative environment that pervades STEM and beyond. QSTEM currently has...