endangered species conservation

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Endangered Species Conservation


western pond turtle at-risk species assessment

Western Pond Turtle at-risk species assessment

The western pond turtle is California’s only native freshwater turtle. The turtle’s numbers have been declining due to urbanization, limited water availability, and competition or predation from invasive species —…

science to safeguard species

Science to safeguard species

UC Natural Reserve System research has laid the foundation for conserving species across the state. A prime example: UCLA professor Brad Shaffer’s work on California tiger salamanders was instrumental in…

endangered species conservation

California Tiger Salamander

Researchers at the La Kretz Center are developing a framework for protecting the genetic integrity of the endangered California tiger salamander from invasive non-natives.

desert tortoise conservation

Desert tortoise conservation

At the La Kretz Center, scientists are working toward a win-win between green energy and endangered species conservation in the Mojave Desert.


Historical museum collections and contemporary population studies implicate roads and introduced predatory bullfrogs in the decline of western pond turtles

Nicholson EG, Manzo S, Devereux Z, Morgan TP, Fisher RN, Brown C, Dagit R, Scott PA, Shaffer HB

Published Work | 2020 | PeerJ 8:e9248

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Distribution, identification, landscape setting, and conservation of Rana kauffeldi in the northeastern U.S.

Schlesinger, M.D., J.A. Feinberg, N.H. Nazdrowicz, J.D. Kleopfer, J. Beane, J.F. Bunnell, J. Burger, E. Corey, K. Gipe, J.W. Jaycox, E. Kiviat, J. Kubel, D. Quinn, C. Raithel, S. Wenner, E.L. White, B. Zarate, and H.B. Shaffer

Progress Report | 2017

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An Urban Reintroduction of Western Pond Turtles in Southern California

A. Whitaker, A. Lee, H. Fuong, D. Matthews, J. Cañas, N. Shahbol, R. Lou

Progress Report | 2015

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Desert Tortoises in the Genomic Age: Population Genetics and the Landscape

H. B. Shaffer, E. McCartney-Melstad, P. Ralph, G. Bradburd, E. Lundgren, J. Vu, B. Hagerty, F. Sandmeier, C. Weitzman, R. Tracy

Progress Report | 2015

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