La Kretz Center for California Conservation Science


Adaptational lag to temperature in valley oak (Quercus lobata) can be mitigated by genome-informed assisted gene flow

Luke Browne, Jessica W. Wright, Sorel Fitz-Gibbon,Paul F. Gugger, and Victoria L. Sork

Published Work | 2019 | PNAS December 10, 2019 116 (50) 25179-25185

Survival and competing mortality risks of mountain lions in a major metropolitan area

J. Benson, J. Sikich, S. Riley

Published Work | 2019 | Biological Conservation

Conserving ecological roles of top predators in isolated mountains

Benson, J. F., P. J. Mahoney, T. W. Vickers, J. A. Sikich, P. Beier, S. P. D. Riley, H. B. Ernest, and W. M. Boyce

Published Work | 2019 | Ecological Applications 00(00):e02029

An empirical pipeline for choosing the optimal clustering threshold in RADseq studies

McCartney-Melstad, E., , M. Gidiş, and H. B. Shaffer

Published Work | 2019 | Molecular Ecology Resources 19:1195-1204

Experimental removal of introduced slider turtles offers new insight into competition with a native, threatened turtle

Lambert, M. R., J. M. McKenzie, R. M. Screen, A. G. Clause, B. J. Johnson, G. G. Mount, H. B. Shaffer, and G. B. Pauly

Published Work | 2019 | PeerJ 7:e7444

Plant functional traits predict the drought response of native California plant species

Pezner, AK, Pivovaroff AL, Sun W, Sharifi MR, Rundel PW, Seibt U.

Published Work | 2019 | International Journal of Plant Science