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lens at ucla elevates ethnic media perspectives on watersheds


LENS at UCLA elevates ethnic media perspectives on watersheds

Sonia Aronson

The stories, which appeared in newspapers, on television, and in online publications, were produced with support from a fellowship and training provided by UCLA’s Laboratory for Environmental Narrative Strategies and Ethnic Media…

environmental science without borders


Environmental science without borders

David Colgan

UCLA Institute of the Environment and Sustainability alumnus Jason Post bridges that gap with science education — he was recruited to Navajo Technical University by their Environmental Science and Geographic…

inspiration on oceans and diversity at the 2018 ioes gala


Inspiration on oceans and diversity at the 2018 IoES Gala

David Colgan

At the 2018 “SeaCO2Change” gala, Van Jones, and Keely Shaye and Pierce Brosnan issued a call to action while helping raise $1.3 million for research, education and improving diversity in the environmental field. Watch their full speeches here.

greenshorts | southern california


Lights, camera, science!

David Colgan

Film contest GreenShorts expands to reach and teach more SoCal high school students

why i march for science


Why I march for science

Stephanie Pincetl

Stephanie Pincetl is one of the official speakers at Saturday’s March for Science. Here’s why she’s marching.