Corporate Partners Program


Jennie Dean

Program Director

Institute of the Environment and Sustainability


Kiera Dixon

M.S. '23

Environmental Health Sciences, Fielding School of Public Health



Sonali Abraham

Institute of the Environment and Sustainability Using water sustainably by improving distribution

Anna Johnson

B.S. '19

Environmental Science & Political Science

Amber Lam

2020 SAR Communications Director

Sustainability Action Research

Mingyi Chen

B.S./B.A. '20

Mathematics/Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences and Economics

The Corporate Partners Program is managed by Jennie Dean and receives guidance from a set of voluntary advisors. This includes members of the IoES Board of Advisors as well as the Sustainability Advisory Group. Comprised of young professionals in the sustainability field, counsel from this group ensures that the Corporate Partners Program stays on the cutting-edge of emerging trends in corporate sustainability and engages with the leaders of the sector. The participants are leaders in their field and work across a range of sectors. They provide expert advice to the Corporate Partner Program to execute its mission.

The Corporate Partners Program engages IoES faculty and students at all levels in its research. Contributors are acknowledged in the corresponding Projects section.