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The Environmental Science B.S. curriculum was revised Fall Quarter 2018. All incoming freshmen from fall 2018 onward will follow this program. If you are unsure which program to follow or would like an assessment, please make an appointment with Royce.

Environment Course Schedule  2022-23

FALL 2022CourseMajorEnviron Systems & Society Minor
140Foundations of Environmental Policy and RegulationRequired`Elective; 2nd pass
M147Critical Analysis of Strategies toward Environmental JusticeSocial/Hum ElectiveElective
155  (New!)Energy and Society in a Time of Climate Change: Moving Toward a Just TransitionSocial/Hum ElectiveElective
166Leadership in Water ManagementSocial/Hum ElectiveElective
185ASustainability TalksSustainability Talks 
180 APracticum in Environmental ScienceRequired (seniors) 
WINTER 2023CourseMajorEnviron Systems & Society Minor
10Introduction to Environmental ScienceRequiredLD Elective
M153Introduction to Sustainable Architecture and Community PlanningSocial/Hum ElectiveElective
M167Environmental Justice through Multiple LensesSocial/Hum ElectiveElective


(also in Spring!)

Programming with Big Environmental DatasetsRequired (Life/Phys)Elective
180BPracticum in Environmental ScienceRequired (seniors) 
185BSustainability Action Research Elective
185CSustainability Action Research Leaders Elective
SPRING 2023CourseMajorEnviron Systems & Society Minor
150Environmental Journalism, Science Communications, and New Media (J. Christensen)Social/Hum ElectiveElective



Energy, Environment, and Development  (D. Rajagopal)Social/Hum ElectiveElective


(also in Winter!)

Programming with Big Environmental Datasets (A. Barreca)Required (Life/Phys)Elective
180C Practicum in Environmental ScienceRequired (seniors) 
185BSustainability Action Research Elective
185CSustainability Action Research Leaders Elective
188A-1Special Courses: Race, Nature, and the City (A. Montgomery)Social/HumElective
188A-2Special Courses:  Geoengineering and Human Rights (P. Sasnal)Social/HumElective

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Our student handbook is a comprehensive, downloadable book to help you go from matriculation to graduation. It includes information about prep courses, major courses, the Senior Practicum, and all our minor/concentrations. In addition, we’ve included some advice about how to get into research, find internships, volunteer and study abroad opportunities; and getting involved on- and off-campus in environmental challenges.

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