Graduate Students

IoES graduate students—becoming tomorrow's environmental leaders

Our graduate programs offer a diverse education that empowers specific, expert focus on today's complex problems. Meet our current students from the D. Env. and Ph.D. programs.

D. Env. Current Students

Regina Adigwe

Integrated and sustainable solutions for water and sanitation challenges

Kelly Clark

Improving water management through technical solutions in business and government

Mason Gamble

Managing resources sustainably by bridging the gap between science, policy and economics

Maggie Isied

Making air healthier to breathe for disadvantaged communities through engagement and local scale analysis

Xinyue Li

Minimizing energy impacts through a data-driven systems approach

Oscar Neyra

Exploring the potential of multi-satellite synergies to assess environmental impact

Peggy Nguyen

Serving the public and environment by teaming up with policymakers, scientists, engineers and more

Alison Partie

Managing L’Oréal’s water, waste and climate efforts through market-based solutions

Saagar Patel

Analyzing volatile organic compounds and toxic metals in ambient air samples in the South Coast Basin

Robert Reny

Improving water management in Southern California through excellent understanding of climate impacts and broad contexts

Rachel Singleton

Incorporating sustainability practices in business and corporations

Ph.D. Current Students

Naomi Adams

investigating the cumulative impacts of lead exposure from aggregative pathways

Emma Barnosky

Environmental decision making & theories of societal change

Chedeya Brown

Investigating dual-use solar initiatives and renewable energy policy and implementation through an environmental justice lens

Gabriela Carr

Improving urbanized coastlines to be resilient marine habitat

Jared Coffelt

Assessing the socioeconomic drivers and outcomes of the implementation and use of sustainable infrastructure

Robert Cudd, MPP

Research Analyst

Energy policy, urban planning, and the de-carbonization of thermal energy

Edith de Guzman

Heat mitigation and community resilience through urban forest stewardship

Danielle Hoague

Improving public health through scientific knowledge and community exchange

Hannah Myint

Quantifying the effect of anthropogenic climate change on wildfires and assessing the resulting impact of air pollution on urban populations

Chase Niesner

Multispecies anthropology, ecology, environmental justice

Ariadne Reynolds

quantifying interactions between kelp and shellfish in aquaculture and exploring their potential for ecosystem restoration

Noam Rosenthal

Using remote sensing and machine learning to study compounding impacts of wildfire smoke and heat in cities

Kaitlynn Sandstrom

Applying econometric data to the water-energy nexus, especially in a development context

Viraj Sawant

Air quality and urban transportation systems in developing countries

Paul Stainier

Using econometric data analysis to learn about climate change's impacts on labor markets

Tanner Waters

Using environmental DNA for marine restoration and conservation